Membership Information

boys team charity
, Los Gatos League 

Mission Statement 

boys team charity is a volunteer service organization dedicated to developing an altruistic spirit in young men through active participation of parents and sons in philanthropic projects in their communities.



1. Serve the Community: Develop a sense of social responsibility.
2. Promote Personal Growth: Build self esteem and a giving spirit.
3. Strengthen Family Relationships: Deepen bonds with parents by working together in boys team charity.
4. Develop Leadership Skills: Cultivate respect and an appreciation of others by working as a team, developing leadership skills, and creating friendships.
5. Provide Educational Opportunities: Provide young men with experiences that foster their community responsibilities and goals.


Facts & Requirements

Boys are TeamMates and parents are Coaches.

Our annual operating year is May 1st through April 30th.

Prospective Members may apply to join btc during the annual membership drive during their 7th through 11th grade years. Boys are assigned to "teams" by the grade that they will enter in the fall of that membership year.

There are approximately 30 boys in each team with vacancies filled during the annual Prospective Member Drive by random draw as they are available.

btc has three (3) General Membership Meetings per year (May, September and January) that both TeamMates and Coaches attend, and additional grade level Team Meetings are held throughout the year.

Coaches are required to serve in a leadership role for at least one term during their btc tenure.

Philanthropy Hours are earned while serving at one of our btc, Los Gatos League approved philanthropies. League Hours are earned by attending General Membership Meetings, Team Meetings (grade level), committee work, etc.

The annual minimum hours requirements are:
Grades 7-9 TeamMates and Coaches...15 Philanthropy Hours, 6 League Hours
Grades 10-12 TeamMates and Coaches...10 Philanthropy Hours, 6 League Hours

Financial requirements:
TeamMate plus one or two Coaches: $150
Additional TeamMate: $50 

Sponsorship & Residence Requirements

To apply for btc, Los Gatos League, you must reside in following zip codes: 95030, 95032, 95033 and 95120. All Prospective Members must be sponsored by a current btc, Los Gatos League Member in good standing.

All Prospective Member Applicants are sorted by their appropriate class. If there are more applicants than space available in a class, the applicants will be selected by random draw to fill the class or, if necessary, placed on a waitlist. Prospective Member Applicants and their Sponsors will be contacted by the VP of Membership following the draw.

Legacies, siblings of current Members, are automatic Members.

Membership Drive Timeline

The btc membership year runs May 1 - April 30.

The 2023 - 2024 New Member Drive will be open from March 6, 2023 to March 13, 2023.